Finger Print Scanning and HH

Somehow, I’m doing pretty alright this summer with HH. Huge change from last summer, thank goodness! This is the first summer that I have not worn sandals and I have to say that it’s helped a ton. Finally- I am listening to my own advice!

I’ve been on vacation for a bit, and most recently took a trip down to Florida. My family and I went to Disney World and Universal Studios. It was very hot, but wearing sneakers helped, and also keeping a towel on me at all times came in handy (pun intended?)

I had a few problems, but the worst was getting in the park at Universal.

All of these big theme parks have a finger print scanning device at the entrance when you show your ticket. I assume this is so tickets are non-transferable.

Anyway, Disney’s finger print scanners worked fine for me. Universal’s  did not!

I was and am still very upset about this. My sweaty fingers would not provide a good finger print! I tried and tried, and had a female employee there with a cotton ball trying to absorb the sweat from my finger, but nothing was working. I was holding up the line and the women said, “You have really sweaty hands!”

At this, I was angry and embarrassed and blurted out, “Yeah, I have Hyperhidrosis!”

She obviously didn’t really understand what this was but just let me through the line anyway and just had me sign my ticket and make sure I had my ID on my at all times. Although, now I wonder what she thought when I said that.

As soon as I got through the turn style, my emotions were so messed up that I burst out crying.

What a wonderful start to my day!

Overall, I was fine. The employee was not mean to me. I was mostly mad that Universal Studios didn’t make the entrance procedure accessible to people like me. I also felt embarrassed that she had to try wiping my fingers and then made a comment.

I wish the knowledge of HH was more prevalent.  If it were, maybe some of these things wouldn’t happen.

Thanks for reading,
Caryn Joan

3 thoughts on “Finger Print Scanning and HH

  1. Hi caryn, I’m Steph, -im 35 and have suffered from hand and foot hh among other things that like to sweat since the 5th grade. You’re post made me a bit sad, people just don’t understand what its like to be us. Like I’m sitting here writing to you and my hands and feet are wet. I’m literally doing nothing! So I understand your pain. I wanted to share with you this lotion I found called Antihydral. If you google it, its from a company called foosball direct. Its marketed to dry out the hands of golfers and mountain climbers. It works quite well. I apply it at bedtime ( leave on while sleeping) and wash off in the a.m I repeat for 4 nights. After that they are pretty dry for about 2 weeks. We travel to florida 3xs a year (I love it) and I’ve found this works real well. What it does actually dries out the top layer of skin. It feels kind of weird after the first few apps in that your hands get warm they want to sweat but they’re kind of dry. Its 20.00 a tube but gave me back some of my loss of confidence. My email is attached it you have more questions, let me know! A fellow sufferer- Steph

    • Thank you, Steph! I will look into this. I tried a lotion many years ago that was for golfers, but I think what you describe is different. It means a lot that you have read my blog and I really appreciate the feedback. I’m glad to know there are others with HH out there who are ready to support and reach out to others suffering. We will all get through it together!

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