My hands were sweating so much that I took the ink off a magazine I was reading.

This is average sweating for people with HH.

Imagine your life feeling like you can’t touch anything without getting it wet.

4 thoughts on “Pictures

  1. guys……there’s a natural remedy for reducing heat in your body which ultimately reduces sweat….i’ve tried it and it is realy useful……
    store water for minimum 8 hours in a copper vessel or copper bottle and drink that water, store the water at night before going to sleep and drink it in the morning…….you can get copper vessels easily on the internet……..

  2. I relate way too much with this. It’s so nice seeing other people with the same struggles as me. Thank you for everything 🙂

  3. I was at Target today and had sweat dripping down my back. I wiped my back to show my husband And When I took my hand out of my shirt sweat flung off of my fingers there was so much! I always thought I struggle along with this problem and I’ll see that there are others. It causes me so many problems and feel like I’m running around in a wet bathing suit or wet diaper all day. As you can imagine that causes other problems. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your site for tips and tricks on how to manage this lifelong problem. Thank you for sharing.

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