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  1. Hi Caryn,

    I just read your story in the IHHS e-newsletter and could really relate to your story. I’m in my thirties now, but had the same struggles with HH (especially palmer) growing up and in school. Though not professionally, I am a Percussionist and had the same sweat issues when performing throughout my school years.

    Like you, I’ve had success from iontophoresis in the past but stopped the treatments due to discomfort. I’ve recently decided to start back up with the treatments, doing them at a few nights each week while watching TV. Most of the discomfort comes from cuts and around the nails (cuticles, etc), so I now have a habit of using quite a bit of petroleum jelly to cover those areas so no water can touch them. After all, the bottom and sides of my hands are really what I want to treat.

    Anyway, it was encouraging to hear your story and be connected to another person who had and has similar experiences. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you have good results from your renewed treatments.

    – Bryan

    • Hi Bryan,

      I’m glad that you read and liked the article! I just received the Iontophoresis machine in the mail this week and will be starting the process this weekend, I hope. It’s been a little crazy preparing for my concert and I haven’t had time to use it yet! I will definitely be having my boyfriend Francis help me out, and I want to photo and video document it for my blog. I’ve been hearing a lot of success stories, so I am very hopeful!

      I can imagine the struggle as a percussionist with HH! A few months ago, I saw a drummer wearing gloves to use the drumsticks. My first thought was that he had HH. I’m not sure if he did, but using the gloves would probably help. Gloves for flute don’t work as much because I have an open-holed flute and the fabric of the gloves would make the pitch inconsistent. I’m so glad that you have had success with the machine though! Fantastic 🙂 Also, thank you for the tip about the petroleum jelly!

      All the best, and definitely keep in touch!


  2. Hi Caryn
    I read your blog through IHHS newsletter. It is a great blog! It is so nice knowing other people deal with the EXACT same problems as I do. Most people do not understand how big of a problem it is and how it affects my everyday life. Thanks for writing about this!!!

    • Hi LM!

      Thanks for your comment! That’s been a goal of mine all along with this blog- to try and help HH make sense to people who don’t have it. I write about my daily experiences and struggles so there is a better understanding that HH is not Just a Little Sweat. I also want to be able to reach out to others with HH and share our experiences. It’s good to not feel alone!

      Thanks again for reading and stay cool!

  3. I wish there was a place where people with hyperhidrosis could all meet and hang out together. Its hard dealing with it alone.

  4. I’ve been taking Hyoscyamine for over 20 years. It acts quickly and really dries you out all over. Dry eyes and mouth are a side effect, but it’s a medicine you can take only as needed. Very few dermatologists know about this application as the drug is primarily used for gastrointestinal issues.

    • Hi Brad! Thanks for your suggestion! I’ve never tried this, but it sounds a lot like Glycopyrrolate. I’m glad that we can look at other medicines to help HH suffering.


  5. Just stumbled across your blog while looking up treatments and different informational websites. Really admire what you’re doing! I’ve read through most of your blog and it’s really nice to finally read about HH from someone who actually has it like me instead of people who will never experience what I’m going through. I’m a freshman (going to be sophomore) in college and I am just nervous about my future professionally and personally in every aspect you can probably imagine. Your blog is really encouraging me to be more open about myself to my friends and finally do something about it after all these years instead of trying to hide it. Thank you!

    • Hi Emily! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I’m glad that you found my blog and I hope it helps you feel like there is a HH community out there- even if it has to be in the cyber world for now. Good luck with college and keep powering through! I find that opening up to friends and family about HH is really important. It’s really necessary to have a support system with our condition. Best wishes to you!

  6. Hi Caryn – I just came across your blog and I too suffer from HH. From birth my palmar HH was always a problem. I got to the point where I walked around with paper towels or wash cloths in my hands all of the time. In 2002-2003, I saw a story on tv about someone who suffered from HH as well and he underwent endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS). I looked into it and underwent the same surgery. Although ETS is not recommend by many, I was fortunate and it helped my palmar HH. I must admit one side effect I have is minor compensatory sweating in other areas of my body. To me, that’s a small price to pay.
    I also have plantar HH (severely) and have suffered with that from birth. I’ve heard that iontophoresis does help, however I’ve never met anyone who uses it. I’d welcome your thoughts on that. I have tried so many products and nothing seems to work. Other than those who have HH, no one understands what we go through. It is so very frustrating to not be able to enjoy the small things in life like wearing sandals in the summer time (and you know how we females love shoes). I try wearing them inside and that is bearable for a short period of time. Regardless of the temperature/season, my feet sweat profusely, which means I always travel with an extra pair of shoes. I just read about Carpe lotion and I plan to give that a try as well.
    Thanks for allowing me to vent, but I know you and others on this blog understand.

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much for reaching out! I definitely understand. It’s great to hear that you had success with ETS. That is fantastic! For plantar HH, I have always struggled with a solution. Iontophoresis works okay, but for only the soles of my feet. And if you’re like me, even the sides of my feet and ankles sweat. So, I have given in to it and don’t wear sandals. I wear ped socks and flats in the summer and stocking and socks in the winter. Carpe might be able to work for you over time. It doesn’t necessarily work immediately, especially for such strong cases of HH, but with continued use, the ingredients in there are supposed to decrease sweating over time. I suggest using it over night. Good luck with everything and stay cool! You always have a community here and we all understand 😀

  7. Hi Caryn,
    I’m a 63 y.o. female who has had to live with HH my whole life. I have severe sweating in my hand and feet and relate to everyone’s situations here. I was made fun of as a child because the kids could see my sweaty footprints on the side walk. My top 2 complaints about living with this condition are #1 shaking hands with sopping palms and #2 my feet slipping off sandals or sliding around in my shoes and the blisters it causes. I have tried everything from the iontophoresis machine to Botox injections. I have tried medications and anti-persperants, and have researched the surgery ( a co-worker of mine did the surgery and she has terrible compensatory sweating). I came across your site because my sister bought me Carpe cream and I am giving it a try. I apply it every night at bedtime and it has been about 2 weeks, but I am going to continue to use it through the whole 40 ml tube. My results so far have been so-so. The weather is turning warmer and my feet are really revving up their sweat, but I’m not using Carpe on them. I appreciate reading these comments from fellow sufferers and I am going to get the medication Hyoscyamine mentioned above. Thank you and everyone here for sharing!

  8. Found a cure for my hyperhidrosis Glycopyrrolate 1mg. Botox wears off and I wasn’t able to cycle the shots effectively. The cure is called Glycopyrrolate 1mg. I take 2-3mg a day and it lasts 24hrs. Every day at 6am I take 2mg and my hyperhidrosis has been cured. Side effect is dry mouth. Take care.

  9. Just read your story on Snapchat. Thank you so much for sharing — sharing your experience with others, your beautiful talent, and your gift of teaching. I used to play the flute & cannot begin to imagine the level of dedication and determination you must possess to have achieved such a level of success. I was so touched to read that you are now a special ed teacher. The perspective you bring to this profession will be invaluable. I hope you continue to play the flute! I would love to hear you perform one day.

  10. Hey Caryn! Congrats on your marriage and congrats on your perseverance, through life and music 🙂

    I’ve recently started using antihydral and it’s changed my life. I think it’s similar to Carpe lotion, though I haven’t tried it. There’s tons of antiperspirants, including rhinoskin solutions, though that is originally meant for climbers! I thoroughly recommend these products to you and your readers – worked like nothing else I’ve tried before.

    I was struck by what you said about being a perfectionist. I think a part of me is a perfectionist, but I’ve let that part slide due to HH over the years and realized (much to my dismay! ) that I’ve become careless or I give up too quickly in many parts of my life – so much so that it has become a problem. So here’s hoping that my new found solution to HH will help me focus on that too 🙂

    Thanks as always for inspiring the rest of us. Your article on the SELF was brilliant btw.

  11. Hi Caryn!
    I am 19 years old and have suffered from hyperhidrosis since second grade. I can’t believe I am only finding your blog now. I am sitting here in tears feeling as though for the first time there is someone who understands how hard life can be when you suffer from this. I have always been surrounded by people who love me…a boyfriend who doesn’t care about my sweaty hands, parents who have always told me that it didn’t matter and friends who have gotten used to it. But until now I have never once felt like people truly understood the struggle.
    I am in nursing school now and am constantly scared of what patients will think of me. My biggest thing is that I don’t want to ever let Hh get in the way of what my dreams are.
    You are such an inspiration (especially with your flute!! I am also a band kid…). Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. 🙂 It means a lot!

    • Thank you for reaching out! I wish you all the best at school and am so proud of you for pursuing your dreams, even though HH can make it tough. You are strong!

    • Hi Marjorie. I am also 19, so it’s nice to see someone on here my same age. You said you’re going to nursing school, I think that’s great. I’m thinking of going into sonography, but I’m scared how having this condition will affect me during it. I’m glad you’re not letting it get in the way of your dreams.


      • Hey Kamelia! Follow your dreams! Sonography sounds like it would be so much fun. Definitely go for it 🙂 Thanks for your kind comment. It made my day! Don’t be afraid!! If this is what you are meant to do, then you will find tricks and ways to deal with the sweat as you go! Good luck!

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