Finger Print Scanning and HH

Somehow, I’m doing pretty alright this summer with HH. Huge change from last summer, thank goodness! This is the first summer that I have not worn sandals and I have to say that it’s helped a ton. Finally- I am listening to my own advice!

I’ve been on vacation for a bit, and most recently took a trip down to Florida. My family and I went to Disney World and Universal Studios. It was very hot, but wearing sneakers helped, and also keeping a towel on me at all times came in handy (pun intended?)

I had a few problems, but the worst was getting in the park at Universal.

All of these big theme parks have a finger print scanning device at the entrance when you show your ticket. I assume this is so tickets are non-transferable.

Anyway, Disney’s finger print scanners worked fine for me. Universal’s  did not!

I was and am still very upset about this. My sweaty fingers would not provide a good finger print! I tried and tried, and had a female employee there with a cotton ball trying to absorb the sweat from my finger, but nothing was working. I was holding up the line and the women said, “You have really sweaty hands!”

At this, I was angry and embarrassed and blurted out, “Yeah, I have Hyperhidrosis!”

She obviously didn’t really understand what this was but just let me through the line anyway and just had me sign my ticket and make sure I had my ID on my at all times. Although, now I wonder what she thought when I said that.

As soon as I got through the turn style, my emotions were so messed up that I burst out crying.

What a wonderful start to my day!

Overall, I was fine. The employee was not mean to me. I was mostly mad that Universal Studios didn’t make the entrance procedure accessible to people like me. I also felt embarrassed that she had to try wiping my fingers and then made a comment.

I wish the knowledge of HH was more prevalent.  If it were, maybe some of these things wouldn’t happen.

Thanks for reading,
Caryn Joan