Most Challenging and Most Amazing

Last month, I had perhaps the most challenging, yet most amazing experience of my life. I participated in a high ropes course in the Adirondacks. It was incredibly difficult and physically demanding. There were many balancing acts on moving logs several stories high, leaps of faith into cargo nets, and amazing zip lines through the trees. I am proud to say that I completed all 5 levels of this course.

Initially, I was very nervous about being able to participate in the course because of my HH. I knew I would need gloves, but the ones I received at the course had the fingers cut off. Nevertheless, I tried my best with these gloves and with some struggle, completed the course. I can’t imagine anyone with HH participating in the course without gloves.

I struggled on a few of the obstacles with my HH.

1. The leaps of faith- lucky to be in a harness, my hands lost grip of the swinging rope, and I completed my descent in free-fall form.

2. Monkey Bars- By far, the scariest moment on the course. The Monkey Bars were the highest part of the course and in the last (and hardest) level. After expending all my upper body strength on previous obstacles, I had to trust my hands to grip the bars!! There were only about 4 rungs, but I slipped almost immediately, due to my HH. I fell quickly with nothing below me but the ground and gave a truly terrified scream! Even my brother was scared watching me! Thank goodness I was safe in my harness!!! Somehow, I got across.

3. Gymnast Rings- This was the last obstacle of the course, and I almost quit because of it. I saw the gymnast rings, and I knew immediately I wouldn’t be able to do them because of my HH. I caused a line of people behind me because I was racking my brain trying to think of an alternate route across the obstacle. After a few tries, and me falling, I launched myself- two hands- onto one ring, and swung and hugged my legs around the next log. It worked!

Next time I do this course, I will opt for full out gloves with fingers covered. I think I will have more success this way.

However, after completing this course, I felt so accomplished. Not only had I just conquered the obstacles with physical strength and balance, I conquered them emotionally and strategically because of my HH.

Don’t let HH keep you down! Literally!

Thanks for reading,

Caryn Joan

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