New Product Review: Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

Hi all,

I was recently introduced to a brand new product called Carpe. It is an antiperspirant hand lotion for sweaty hands! I received a sample of this product in the mail a few weeks ago and immediately felt results. I was recommending this product the day I tried it and I am happy to write a review for my blog!


What’s great about this product is that it is a non-invasive solution for sweaty hands. It’s something you can take on the go and use as you need it. It can be used daily and will keep your hands sweat-free for hours (4+).

Carpe is an opaque white lotion with a pleasant scent. It smells like eucalyptus and mint. One of my first observations when opening the lotion was that it had a mild scent and didn’t smell like medicine. I feel like a lot of similar lotions don’t have as nice of smell.

Carpe should be applied to clean and dry hands.  You apply a pea-sized amount to your palms and rub together for 15 seconds. The lotion is pretty tacky when going on, but it disappears within the 15 seconds and leaves no residue. I was able to resume typing on my computer keyboard after the 15 seconds and did not need to rinse my hands. The lotion sunk in for a while and my hands were dry.

I find this product especially good for people with HH who have not yet explored other treatment options, children with HH, and people who have occasionally sweaty hands.  For people who  haven’t explored any other treatment options, a lotion is the perfect way to start. Carpe is sold over the counter and is very affordable. One tube costs $14.95 and will last for 1.5 months. For children with HH, I think a lotion is absolutely the way to go. Since HH is hereditary, I’ve given a lot of thought to how I will approach HH with my future children if they get my HH gene. I would not want to put them through Iontophoresis or give them Robinol until much later. Since the lotion is topical and can be reapplied throughout the day, it’s a great tool for kids at school and during after-school activities. Same goes for people who do not have HH, but have occasionally sweaty hands. The lotion is great for them because they won’t need the more intense treatments like Ionotphoresis or Robinol.

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with the co-creater of Carpe, David Spratte. He started working on this product when he was a senior in high school because of his frustration with sweaty hands. Now, a junior at the University of North Carolina, his product is on sale and ready to help the HH community and more! I was quite impressed to learn how much David had accomplished at such a young age and I was inspired by his story. I love that this product was created by someone who was struggling with sweaty hands himself.  He took his experiences and knowledge of sweaty hands to create a product he knew would work. David uses Carpe every day.

Something unique and special about Carpe is that long-term sweat reduction is possible if it is used regularly. David says that based on efficacy studies, 60% sweat reduction is achieved long-term if used once a day. Carpe is FDA-certified and non-irritating, so it is safe to use daily. Additionally, I was very happy to learn from David that Carpe also works on sweaty feet and foreheads. If you use the product on your feet, wait 10-15 minutes before putting on a shoe or sock to ensure the lotion sinks in.

Last, I would like to mention how much I love the name of this product. Carpe is short for Carpe Diem – Sieze the Day. David uses ‘Sieze the Moment’ on his packaging. Having this association with the lotion completely correlates to what I mention in my blog: Don’t let HH limit you and what you want to do in life. This lotion can provide  much needed relief as you face challenging and potentially embarrassing daily situations. Whether it be a handshake or highfive, playing sports or musical instruments, or simply taking a test with paper and pencil, Carpe can be a solution for you.

Please let me know if you have any questions about Carpe and please check out their website!

Thanks for reading,




9 thoughts on “New Product Review: Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion

  1. Awesome, THANKS! I recently started following your blog as I found it while researching iontophoresis. I’ve had sweaty hands and feet as long as I can remember, as does my dad. I did Botox for the first time right before my wedding (sweat free hands on my wedding day!) and I had a great doctor who went back to my insurance after the initial claim was denied and got it covered (only for hands, not feet). But, I didn’t like that I had to be put under, I experienced some numbness in my thumbs and it was temporary. I did Botox a second time, but not since then. Well, I have 3 little kids and I can already tell that at least 2 of them have sweaty hands. It’s made me seek out a solution so I can help them deal with it as they get older. Iontophoresis has worked pretty well, but I’d want to wait til they are a little older. I am going to order this lotion right away and hope it works for me and my kids some day! THANKS again!

  2. This is pretty neat! I havent’ really used any treatments for my HH because i am not comfortable with the side effects i read about but this has me sold! 🙂
    I will go scouting for it today and hopefully it works on my hands and feet.
    Thank you so much!!

  3. I have pretty bad sweating on my hands and the lotion didn’t last 2 min lol. But also have hyperhidrosis on the rest of my body. But I’ve seen this product works OK on my face. My face always sweats when in stressful or nervous situations and the lotion was easy to apply and probably helped decrease my face sweating like 25%. So I’ll continue using it on my face when needed just because it’s so convenient. I wish they made a stronger one like an extra strength version even if it still doesn’t work on my hands. Like maybe it will decrease more of my facial sweating. So summary if you have really bad hand sweating like me probably don’t work for you.

    • Hi Puma,

      Thank you for your message! I’m so happy that Carpe is working on your face! As for your hands, have you tried applying the lotion while in front of a fan? Moving air helps my hands dry out a little bit, and might help the lotion sink in better! You have a great suggestion about having an extra strength version! I will pass this along to the creator 🙂

  4. Hi Caryn,

    I’ve been struggling with HH aince I was in grade achool, up until now I havent found the one that really works for my palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis. Never tried any because I live in the province of Philippines and limited respurces such as ionto and other topical meds is really hard to find.. I just want to know which topical lotion/creams really worked for you? I have severe hyperhidrosis(like its dripping).. I just want to be confident and wear slippers without sliding..

  5. I’ve had the exact same sweaty hands dilemma as you have been telling. It’s pure misery I believe it has hindered my career life for doing any job that needs your hands to touch like a nurse or dental hygentist, car sales. ALL of these involve touching people all day long. I do jobs like driving or warehouse jobs. Both don’t pay that well. So I’m 51 and don’t have anything to show for. This sweaty hand bullshit ruined my life and potential career.

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