Hyperhidrosis Genetics Study

This past year, I participated in a study conducted by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine on the genetics of Hyperhidrosis.

In today’s e-newsletter from the International Hyperhidrosis Society, I learned of some findings from the study. You can read the article HERE.

If you are living with HH, I encourage you to contact the College of Medicine and participate.

My experience with them was very positive. I was mailed a free kit that included a HH questionnaire and supplies for DNA samples (mouthwash samples).

After the questionnaire was complete and mouthwash samples were collected, I mailed the kit back to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, free of charge.

It is important for your family members to also participate in the study whether they have HH or not because genetics and heredity are being tested.

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2 thoughts on “Hyperhidrosis Genetics Study

  1. 73 yr old male…. In good health….Reasonably successful…. diagnosed 1954, 14 yrs old. Had Bilateral Sympathectomy 1959. 19 yrs old…. Suffer from compensatory sweating…. Hands dry. Feet perspire…Perspire from a # of situations. One being for no perceivable reason. More frequently from heat and anxiety…. Exacerbated the condition by extensive use of steam/suana rooms. Tried to “drive it out of me”…. After much thought, I know it eminates from my father’s side…. Father had heat thermoregulation problem… Would walk out of room “I’m too hot”… Did not perspire abnormaly. Brother wanted to have the operation but condition, hands perspiring receded.Also saw the ramifications of the procedure… If plays tennis, he sweats profusely from face…. His son had problem, perspiring from the back… Haven’t heard more as to his present condition. Owned a Physician Search firm. One of the physicians who worked for me, I staffed Emergency Departments, in addition to providing individual Drs to specific settings. Dr. Woodson Merill, Director of Dept Of Intergrative Medicine at Beth Isreal Hospital in NYC, worked for me. I was instrumental in helping him get into private practice. He utilized me as his “consultant for hyperhidrosis patients”… My father was hard of hearing. Had a bone conduction problem. Wore a hearing aid all his life. From the ones that were worn as a band around the head attached to a hearing aid. I have a 40- 50% loss of hearing in one ear ( my estimation) since as a child. Never diagnosed properly. I visited an Otolaryngologist, a few yrs ago. Gave blood for a test to determine genetic or not. Came back negative… Perhaps… Don’t forget, although not a physician, I’ve been around medicine for many yrs, and have seen much in the way of diagnosis…. There is no doubt as to heredity affecting my condition. I am writing this for two reasons. One being a definitive( or resonably so), link as to a genetic link… Also, as an advocate of not having an ETS. Todays “abbreviated” surgical procedure for HH… If Botox was available in 1959 I would be first on line( I tried everything else)…. A condition only us in the “club” relate to …. Arthur Goldsmith

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