Glycopyrrolate (Robinol)

After being off the Glycopyrrolate medication for 1 year and 3 months, I started up again this past weekend.

I went off the medication because I was feeling immune to it, but my doctor and I thought we could try it again and see what happens.

This medication worked miraculously the last time I was on it (2007-2011). I was really hoping I would receive the same results.

So far, I have!

The medication worked almost immediately. My hands and feet are dry.

The one side effect I am struggling with is having a dry throat. My doctor says this may go away with continued use.

It is a strange sensation, being on this medication. My hands will still get hot and really feel like they are sweating, but they are not.

Personally, I worry a little because I want to have that visual of sweaty hands to explain to people what HH is. As someone who wants to help the HH community, I feel like I should continue struggling and suffering with it. I want it present in my everyday life.

This might sound crazy to you. To purposefully want to struggle with HH. I guess I just never want to forget about it. I never want to dismiss its impact on my life and others.

We will see how this medication goes. So far, I’m dry. So far, I’m still passionate about helping the HH community.

I recommend this medication to anyone suffering with HH.

Thanks for reading!

Caryn Joan

2 thoughts on “Glycopyrrolate (Robinol)

  1. Hey Caryn– You may have already written about this, but how did you find your doctor? I need a new physician and I want one who is HH knowledgeable. I remember one doc telling me “Yea, you’re just nervous. You’ll grow out of that.” Mhmmm. NO.


    • Hi Sara,
      Thanks for this question! I have struggled finding a doctor that understands HH too! Back in my hometown, near Albany, NY, I started with a dermatologist. Her name is Dr. Buhac. I have found much more success telling dermatologists about HH than other doctors. I would suggest starting there. Dr. Buhac is the one who prescribed Glycopyrrolate (Robinol). This medication works really well for me, but recently I had some bad side effects. I wrote a recent post about that. Currently, I live in NYC and I haven’t found anyone yet. I am really interested in finding a counselor who understands HH because our condition can cause a lot of emotional and mental issues. Many years ago, I went to a counselor and told her about my HH. She went on to diagnose my sweating as a reaction to not being able to have closure saying goodbye to my grandfather before he passed away. This explanation was ridiculous, since I had been sweating like this my whole life and I stopped seeing her. So, in the end, I totally hear you. I wish doctors knew more about HH and could help us appropriately!!

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