More Tips for Coping with HH!

Here are more tips to cope with your HH:

1. Try to wear socks often. I don’t like the look of socks with my ballet flats, but something needed to change, so I bought these small cotton “ped” socks. I know you will frequently find these in nylon or mesh, but I suggest looking for cotton to best absorb sweat. They also work with closed shoe heels! I got mine from Steve Madden.

2. To prevent swelling, I will run my hands under cold water, take a cold shower, or stand in a bath of cold water for my feet. This works so well for me and I do this all the time! If you are still in grade school, excuse yourself to the bathroom and just run your hands under cold water for a while.

3. Stand in front of a fan to put on jewelry with small clasps. Trying to put on jewelry in the morning is always very frustrating for me when I’m sweating. Just take a deep breath, and get in front of a fan! It will help!

4. Drink water. It’s proven that drinking water helps regulate your body temperature. I drink water all the time. Buy a Bobble or another water bottle with a filter and refill often! I feel like drinking water helps my HH a lot. I’m drinking out of this yellow Bobble right now!

5. If you struggle writing with pen/pencil, put a sturdier piece of paper like a postcard or brochure under your writing hand and drag it along the page while you write. This way, the actual piece of paper that you are writing on doesn’t get ruined. I do this often! Also, it’s pretty discrete. Especially if you get a white paper-colored piece.


Caryn Joan


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