Tell Someone about HH- Challenge!

Hi All,

Now that you have some tips for telling people about HH, I present you with a challenge: Tell someone new about your HH this week!

Telling people about my HH has made me feel more comfortable in my own skin and has helped me cope with the emotional aspects of the condition.

I am less anxious when I go to rehearsals with my quintet because they know why I need to use a towel sometimes. I am less embarrassed and self-conscious as I sweat uncontrollably in the hot summer sun when I’m out with a friend because they know I can’t help it.

Now, I want to hear from you!

Please leave a comment about a time you told someone about your HH.

How did you do it?
What was their reaction?
How did you feel?
Did your relationship with that person change?
How is your relationship with that person now?

Good luck, and as always, thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Tell Someone about HH- Challenge!

  1. I told one of my co-workers that I have HH (hands/feet) because were becoming closer friends and I didn’t want to get so far down the road and have embarrassing situations stop me from having fun with her. She was of course, very understanding and interested in my experience. As it turns out her teenage daughter also has sweaty palms also (not nearly as severe as mine). Her daughter and I also grew to be great friends and have at times bonded about our sweaty hands while we dance and play around (like a couple of kids). One thing did change when I told my friends and that is that we can actually laugh about it now (together).

    • Hi Jen! This is fantastic- thank you for sharing! I am so glad that it all worked out- and probably better than you imagined because her daughter also has sweaty palms! 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Hello my fellow HH friends! Well i also suffer with it i currently got the pill about 2 days go & ive been taking them. When do they start to work?

    • Hi Ashley, you’ve been taking Glycopyrrolate? The pills started working for me within the first week. I know everyone has a different experience with them though. How’s it going?

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