Spend a day in my shoes

If you’re curious about how it feels to have Hyperhidrosis, what I suggest, is carry around a bottle of hand lotion.

Through out the day, excessively lather the lotion on the palms of your hands, so there is no possible way for it to absorb in to your skin. Don’t wipe the excess away.


Try to go about your daily activities.

Shake people’s hands. Try to open doors. Try to open a window. Try writing with a pencil.

How does this feel?


I have always found similarities between HH and this exercise.

How uncomfortable it is to not be able to wipe the moisture away? How difficult it is to do certain things with your hands?


As of today, it is estimated that 2.8% of the U.S. population has primary HH. This number is not accurate due to the hundreds and thousands of people who keep their HH a secret.

If you didn’t understand before, I hope this exercise has helped. Thank you for spending a day in our shoes.

Caryn Joan

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