I’ve tried and tried

I’ve accepted that there isn’t a cure for Hyperhidrosis, but that doesn’t mean I’ve sat around with out trying to find treatment.

This post will describe what I have tried in the past.


1. CertainDri– an antiperspirant with aluminum compounds.

I wrote in one of my posts that I had such bad underarm sweating years ago. Sweat stains all the way down my shirt under both arms.

I think my mom got me to try CertainDri.

CertainDri was the first and most painful of my treatments for HH. It completely took any moisture out of my skin. It hurt for my skin to rub against itself when I moved my arms. My skin became red and swollen.

I used CertainDri for about a year. I wanted to stop so much because of the pain. I’m glad that I stuck with it though.

Even after using CertainDri for only a year back when I was in middle school, I have not had any more problems with underarm sweating. Thank goodness!

I won’t try this on my hands or feet though, because of the extreme pain.


2. Drysol– another antiperspirant I used on my hands and feet

I remember using this in high school. I would dab the liquid on my hands and feet at night. To keep the liquid on my skin, my mom helped me wrap my hands and feet in plastic wrap.

I hated this. The liquid made my hands and feet so tingly and uncomfortable. To say the least, Drysol didn’t work for me.


3. Iontophoresis– Electronic Therapy.

Another high school memory…

The Iontophoresis machines for HH are basins filled with water that deliver small electric shocks to your skin. Yes, I did this. I put my hands and feet into these machines and shocked myself intentionally.

It wasn’t too painful, surprisingly. But, no luck with this one either.

For a clearer picture on what this machine is and does:



4. Glycopyrrolate (Robinol)– Ulcer Medication

This was my miracle drug.

A little pill, taken twice a day, used for Ulcers because it supposedly gets rid of any extra water/liquid/moisture.

The VERY FIRST DAY I took this pill, I thought I was cured. My hands and feet were doing pretty well, actually.

I took this pill for 4 years.

I barely complained about HH for 4 years.

My family hadn’t heard me talk about it in so long, that it came as a shock last summer, when it started coming up in conversation again.


Last summer, I became immune to the drug.

Last summer, I fell into a depression because of it.

Can you imagine how I felt? To be cured for 4 years,

then all of a sudden, become a sweaty mess again?


Last summer, I decided to do something about HH

in a way that would reach and help other people.


5. Blogging

Talking about my HH has been a journey.

I’ve learned a lot more about myself than I thought.

It has been a successful form of treatment so far.

It’s emotional for me.

It’s like opening a time capsule that I didn’t want to find.

When I remember things from my past that hurt me, it’s rough.

Talking about last summer is hard.

That’s when I realized all my problems were back.

The most successful part of blogging so far, has been controlling my anger.

I used to be so angry about HH before.

I still get upset, but nothing like before this blog.


I really hope I’m helping someone out there.


Thanks as always,

Caryn Joan



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