I couldn’t think of a lie, so I told the truth

Yesterday I had a late night with my quintet. We were listening to our recording takes and choosing the best ones for our upcoming CD release. I knew that no matter how late we stayed out together, my night was going to be much longer because I had to get home and use my Iontophoresis machine.

While taking the crosstown bus home through Central Park from the East to the West side, I mentioned to my quintet-mates traveling with me that I had stuff to do when I got home and that I was going to be up late. One member asked what I was up to and I immediately regretted saying anything in the first place.

I couldn’t think of a white lie quick enough- It was late, and I was tired! So…I told the truth.

Me: “Well, this is going to sound weird- really weird. But I have a medical condition that needs treatment sometimes and I have this machine that is kinda like a form of electrotherapy.”

Him: “Oh, man. What does that look like?”

So I told him about the set up, etc. I did all of this without going into what condition I actually have that requires this treatment. It was cool that he was interested and didn’t react negatively, but I know that I have to explain HH. I can’t leave that part out!

Prior to October 2013, all of my quintet-mates knew about my HH. It was such a relief to tell them and have their support. I didn’t have to hide using my towel when I played and we were all more sensitive to trying to avoid hot temperatures in our rehearsal and performance spaces. Since October though, my quintet has accepted new members. These members don’t know about my HH. I’ve been meaning to tell them soon though because it was so beneficial for me when everyone knew before. The situation that happened last night seems like a good segue into that.

I kind of regret saying anything at all, but know that this discussion will push me to open up to them. My quintet is like my family and I know they will be supportive and understanding.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

5 thoughts on “I couldn’t think of a lie, so I told the truth

  1. I am so proud of you for explaining that! I always have a story about what I’m doing while I go to do my iontophoresis session. I will be posting a story about my experiences with iontophoresis on my hyperhidrosis awareness blog soon! hyperhidrosis-support.com

  2. I don’t think there is much to be ashamed of when you’re already using iontophoresis… It’s much harder to explain and be understood when you sweat like crazy than when you’re sweat free and you just have to do a treatment once in a while… I am lucky enough to have a supporting girlfriend that has found electro antiperspirant online and got it for me. Now I’m sweat free and I’m proud to talk about it, electro antiperspirant changed my life. I think many people suffer from HH and they have a right to know there is an easy solution. Most doctors will just tell you to live with it…

    • Hi Peter! Thank you for your comment. I’m so happy that you found a solution for HH that works for you! Also, it’s always nice to hear about supportive relationships! You should definitely be proud to talk about how your life was changed because of the electro antiperspirant. Please continue talking about it and helping others 🙂

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