Sorry to keep you in suspense, folks

My quintet-mates were incredibly supportive and positive when I told them about my HH, of course!! Their responses were so genuine and they are proud of me for what I do as a HH awareness advocate. I guess I had no doubt in my mind that they would react that way, although I was still scared to tell them. I feel relieved that everyone in my group knows now and I feel closer to everyone too!

4 thoughts on “Sorry to keep you in suspense, folks

  1. Thanks for being brave and talking about HH! I have been suffering silently for years and have unfortunately passed it on to 2 or my 3 children. I wish I could find an easy solution for all of us. How is the iontophoresis (not sure of spelling?)working for you?

    • Hi Lisa! Thank you for your comment! How are your kids doing with HH? If your kids are young, I think the best way to cope with HH is to discuss it all together and come up with simple solutions. If they are in school, see if they can can hold a towel with them at their desk, maybe talk to the teacher about giving extra time for their work and ask if they can take additional bathroom breaks to cool off, etc. Iontophoresis is working really well for me. I recommend it, but check in with a doctor or dermatologist first if your kids are young. The only real downside is the lengthy treatments. They last about 40 minutes if you treat both hands and both feet.

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