It’s hot in here!

Hi All,

My office at work is extremely hot. Something is broken with the heating and cooling system here and so now we have 3 fans on full blast in the middle of winter!!

What I find interesting is that my coworkers and employees are complaining every day about the heat, whereas, I don’t find it that bad. It almost feels normal to me. I think it’s because I’ve learned so many coping mechanisms with the heat from having HH. I breathe through it, drink a little more water, and try not to think about it. Sure, I still sweat, but I’m not letting the heat bother me.

Do you think you cope with extreme heat a little better because of HH?




2 thoughts on “It’s hot in here!

  1. Short version: I don’t do well with sudden temp changes. I don’t do well in direct sun. I swelter in closed spaces that are heated. When I worked I had a small fan on all the time under my desk. My feet sweat as well as my hands. Drink lots of ice water, keep a cold can of juice or pop in the fridge to put on my neck and forehead and cool down my hands. But at the office we had no control over the heat which is the best way for me to deal with excessive sweat…I keep the heat at 62 in the winter and I don’t tolerate temps higher than 68 in the summer. I don’t have AC, just fans. Shop in stores that have working AC and go to the movies in the heat of summer when it is 100% humidity and 98 degrees.

    • Hi Karen! You’re right- sudden temp changes are the worst! Thank you for your tips for dealing with the heat. I love the movie tip and have used that often in the summer! Stay cool!

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