More Irish Dancing!

Hi All,

I’ve been taking Irish step dance classes every week now since February and I continue to love it more and more. I even added on a hard shoe class, so now I’m taking 2 hours of Irish step a week!

Recently, my teacher invited me to a free introductory class for team Irish Dancing called Ceili. This looks really fun, but it features hand-holding with your team while you dance.

Tomorrow is the class and what a great time it is to test out my “new hands”!

I never would have considered this type of dancing if my hands were still sweating profusely- although I have to say I’m still pretty nervous! I just hope my sometimes clammy fingers don’t get in the way!

I have finished the initial treatments with the Iontophoresis device, but Bill Schuler from the R.A. Fischer company suggests I still treat my hands and feet once a week. After a while, I can gradually increase the time between treatments. So, maybe I will do a treatment tonight if I have time, just to be safe for tomorrow!

Check out the type of dance I’m going to be doing! Looks fun, right? Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading,

3 thoughts on “More Irish Dancing!

  1. Do you ever have moments they sweat now? I just started the meds and its not really working. I am going to talk to the doctor about it and go see a new dermatologist. My primary Dr said the pills should work…they aren’t =/ When you said you were cured for those 4 years on the meds did you ever have your feet and hands sweat at all? The first few days it was only when I worked out (understandable). I would sweat like mad. Now its when I am hot, when I am just sitting here typing to you etc. Sometimes I forget that I took a pill to make them stop and think, gee I wonder how long thats been going on (the sweating) UGH. Frustrating. Cant wait to hear more about your experiences. Luck with dancing! I am looking forward to getting a mani pedi. NEVER EVER had one and I am 37. Stupid I know but too embarrassing.

    • Hi Valerie! I do still have problems sweating from my hands and feet. Mostly it’s just my fingers and sides of my feet, but it’s still frustrating. I’ll be writing about it soon on my blog, but I’m not going to be able to continue with the team dancing because my fingers are still sweating to a point where it is embarrassing to hold hands. I’m sorry that the pills aren’t working for you. Have you noticed any improvement at all? I believe that each Hyperhidrosis case responds differently to different treatments. What worked for me may not work for you, and vice versa. This is why growing up with HH and researching treatments that others say are successful was so frustrating! Keep trying different treatments and definitely try another dermatologist for more options. I hope one day you can get that mani/pedi and enjoy it! It may be a small thing to the average person, but for people with HH, getting a mani/pedi is huge!! Good luck 🙂

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