It’s that time again…

This week in NYC, it has reached almost 80 degrees! Too hot for me already!

I’ve been really struggling with my work clothes and shoes. I need to be able to dress light, but not sweat through everything. Walking has already become a pain- wearing flats without socks. I am slipping, squishing and sliding. Today, I was smart and am wearing my cotton ped socks with my flats.

I caved this week and bought another fan for my desk at work. This one I put on the floor, directed at my feet.

Now I have one fan on my face and hands and one on my feet. Hopefully this will help keep my entire body cool this summer!

I am definitely considering moving somewhere where it is in the mid 50s all year round. Suggestions?

Good luck out there, and keep drinking water!



14 thoughts on “It’s that time again…

  1. Hi Caryn, I happened to chance upon your blog and music site via the email newsletter from International Hyperhidrosis Society and when I briefly read through 2 of your blogs, I know exactly how you feel.

    I’ve been having sweaty palms and feet since I can remember. My mom told me I wasn’t born with that. She started noticing only when I was 5.

    I’ve found myself in many awkward and embarrassing situations where I have to shake the hands of strangers or even step into their houses barefooted. I’ll leave trails of sweat wherever I go. And worse of all, if my feet is dusty and the floor has white tiles, I leave DIRTY wet trails all over… 😦 Sometimes, I even slip and fall coz of my sweaty feet.

    Friends who tried to make me feel better by telling me that they too have hyperhidrosis failed miserably as no one has a condition as bad as mine (I can command perspiration at will and I drip perspiration from hands and feet like a mini walking fountain).

    Sometimes I get very self-conscious as I live in Asia and having sweaty feet means my shoes get soaked with perspiration and that in turn translate to stinky shoes. The humid weather makes my hands feel very sticky after it has perspired. Wearing CROCS is a no-no for me as it traps the water inside and I can literally pour the sweat out (GROSS!) after a while.

    It is indeed very commendable of you to be an accomplished Flutist despite your condition. I picked up the violin at the age of 21 as it’s always been a childhood dream to be able to play a musical instrument. Having sweaty palms means I have to keep a little towel with me whenever I play. However, it does help that my calluses are not as bad as my friends’. hehe! I’m inclined to think that I cannot be as successful as my friends as I have an “invisible handicap” in my life. I’ve stopped my violin at Grade 6 due to work stress and partially due to the insecurities in me whenever I tried to move my hands up and down the neck of the violin. So worried that I’ll slip and miss a note.

    All in all, I’m still trying to live my little life here in Singapore fighting a neverending battle with hyperhidrosis. Sometimes I think I may even miss this “handicap” of mine should I decide to get a key-hole surgery done.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and how you overcome your problems with hyperhidrosis with us. I find comfort knowing that I’m not a freak and that I’m not alone in this world. 🙂 I will continue to visit your blog site from time to time to read up about the interesting things that are happening in your life as a musician with hyperhidrosis. Something that is so close to my heart…

    Till then, please take care and keep the music flowing… 😉


    • Hi Joanna,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I identified with so much of what you said.
      I too have had a a lot of problems with my bare feet and HH. I usually try to keep my shoes and socks on as much as possible. Many times, I will be the only one who chooses to not go barefoot, which makes me feel self-conscious even though it shouldn’t. It’s so embarrassing when you leave dirty marks all over the floor too. Sometimes, I keep my shoes on too just because I know that if I take them off, they will smell because of HH, like you mentioned.
      I’m noticing that Crocs may not be my answer for shoes. I’m happy that my sweat does not break the shoe, but I am not happy about the squeaky noises the shoes make when I walk because of the sweat!

      It’s difficult to tell people about HH, I agree. People may not understand because they do not know the extent to how much we sweat! I usually wait until my hands and feet are dripping wet to tell people about HH. This way, they will know that our condition is much more than Just a Little Sweat.

      Good luck with your Violin! I have always thought that a string instrument would be very difficult to play with HH, and I commend you for your success!! I like how you call our condition an “invisible handicap”. This is very true, and it’s why it impacts us so emotionally. We feel like we are battling it alone. However, there are plenty of us out there suffering with HH. We just need the internet to connect with these people because we are so few and far apart!

      I also wonder if I will miss having HH if I find a something that helps. I grew up with this condition and it’s what made me who I am. It helps me identify with people struggling with HH and other conditions.

      All the best, and keep in touch!

  2. Caryn,
    I feel your pain. I’m a forty-something man that’s been living with HH since I was a child. It’s only been within the last few years that I feel like I’m finely getting HH under control.
    I haven’t had the chance to read through your archives, yet, but here’s a few things that help me. I live in SF where it’s a comfortable 60 degrees year round, a huge plus. I try to exercise as much as possible; running, biking, yoga, etc. I use the drionic device on my hands about once a week, or more if they are really sweaty. I wear layers of clothing, tight and loose (a tight t-shirt under a loose fitting shirt, or loose and light-weight sweater helps hide sweat marks).
    For facial sweating, I’ll occasionally put some extra strong antiperspirant, unscented, on my forehead, nose, and checks. I do this only when I know I’ll need to talk in public and will be prone to facial flushing and sweating.
    I also starting acupuncture and taking Chinese herbs prescribed to me by my acupuncturist. I’m not sure how much it helps with HH, but it does help me relax.
    When I was working in a regular office having multiple fans really helped.
    Good luck on your HH and your blog. I look forward to reading more about you.

    • Hi Jason! Thanks for your comment!
      The weather in SF seems nice! I’m actually considering moving that way because of it!
      Thank you for your tips for HH. I’ve never tried using antiperspirant on my face. I don’t have facial perspiration very bad, but sometimes when it’s hot out I do.
      Also, acupuncture sounds interesting. I’m kinda afraid of needles, but anything to relax definitely will help HH. I know that HH is not directly caused by anxiety, but it sure doesn’t help it!!

      • Hi
        Yep, it can be tea (it’s really tasty with honey), but you also can buy pills (dry extract from herbs). I prefer both. For example in USA “Swanson” (I’am no salesman) is producting such herbal pills, it’s ok when you have no chance to get tea of sage in the middle of day. What’s important, don’t buy “tea bags”, it’s very poor quality, look for pure herbals (even no minced) – it’s the highest quality, and it’s works the best – relay on my few years experience.
        You should not going to see, you must try it. At beginning dring 3 times per day or even more. It starts work after few hours from first drink. Let me know how it worked to you!

  3. Hi Caryn,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for writing this blog, my husband found it on the HH newsletter this morning and I have already read them all as well as sent them to my daughter.

    I am the mother of a daughter with HH. We too noticed the severe sweating when she was just an infant. We would always mention it to her pediatrician at her well check-ups and it is amazing to me in this day and age that my husband and I had to educate her doctors about this condition. Frustrating to say the least as you well know!

    She was originally severely affected in her hands and feet until she did have the ets surgery. After the surgery she no longer sweat in her hands which she was incredibly happy about; however, she does have some compensatory sweating in a few new areas and still in her feet which we knew to be the case even after the ets.

    She is an incredible young lady who is in her freshman year at college trying to navigate HH for the first time away from home…no easy task! Her dorm room is very small and very warm. Needless to say, she has a lot more to cope with than your average college student. Already reading your blog has made her feel connected to someone else who knows her daily struggles.

    So thank you again for opening yourself up for the benefit of other people with HH. You are succeeding…it is working!


    • Hi Mrs. Galimi,

      Thank you so much for your comment and thank you for reading my blog! I hope that it helps you and especially your daughter with HH.
      It certainly is frustrating when you have to educate your doctor about your condition. It’s pretty unbelievable sometimes. I suggest staying connected with
      They have a doctor list and also a ton of valuable information for people with HH.

      You should be so proud of your daughter and her accomplishments! Even the smallest of daily activities become more difficult with HH.I’m glad that her ETS surgery was successful in her hands. I always have the most difficulty with my palmar HH, so that must be a relief to her!

      However, stress can make HH more prevalent, and I’m sure starting a new school away from home doesn’t help that! I know that your daughter will find her own tips and tricks along the way.

      Please feel free to contact me anytime if either of you have any questions or just want to talk.

      Thank you again and good luck!

  4. I am also the mother of a college student with HH. My daughter had the ETS surgery a few years ago. Her hand no longer sweat, but her feet and body still do. She will be starting her internship this June and will have to wear dress clothes. I buy her many pairs of no show peds (the best ones are made by Hue). She wears them with pumps or ballet shoes. She can never wear open shoes because the sweat will flow through the openings.

    I pray everyday that there will someday be a permanent cure for HH.

    • Hi Eileen- Thanks for your comment! I should stock up on those Hue no show peds too! With the peds, I feel like I don’t have to limit my shoe choices as much, but I still can’t wear open toe shoes. Last summer, I made it through without wearing any sandals and it made my life so much easier! Good luck to your daughter and her summer internship!

  5. Hi Caryn,
    as an Asian, let me just tell you that Accupuncture may not help. I’ve actually tried it for at least 6 months with a Chinese Physician who told me “treatment will be slow and long”. He couldn’t give me a definite timeline for my treatment and for 6 months I had 20 over needles all over my body (including the top of my head). I stopped the treatment after that since it’s both expensive and I see no improvement to my condition.

    Shortly after, I consulted another Chinese Physician who told me she does not guarantee results but again it will be a long and slow process. I did not even start a session with her.

    A few months back, I went to a Chinese Chiropractor who was massaging my stiff neck for me. His whole family studied Chinese Medicine for generations and he told me point blank that there is “no cure” for HH and that accupuncture will not help. Those who claims that it will help are lying. It can only help to “tune” my body to a better health since I have a weak constitution.

    Hope you guys do not have to spend the kind of $ and time that I did and get my hopes dashed…

    • Thanks for your comment! I’ve never been too keen on acupuncture. I’m afraid of needles, and a slow process would really scare me. Sorry it hasn’t worked for you 😦

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