ETS Surgery, Part 3- Compensatory Sweating

I was penciled in at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital to get the ETS (Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy) surgery in December 2011.

I was all for it at first- too frustrated with living with myself. Every day, struggling with the smallest of tasks.

All of my friends and family seemed pro-ETS. They just wanted me to be happy and live a better life.

At the last minute, I cancelled my appointment.
The reason being the potential side effects.

I began reading horror stories of compensatory sweating. Stories where people began sweating all over their bodies, much worse than their hands had ever been.
Some stories were about people who didn’t leave their houses anymore, couldn’t wear their usual clothes, or refused to hug their loved ones. Many stories were about people who became depressed.

My boyfriend, Francis, started to worry about this surgery. He wanted me to be happy, but he didn’t want me to change. He thought the potential side effects were way worse than what I was currently dealing with. We both didn’t want to risk the compensatory sweating.

My hope is that the surgery continues to improve with a lower risk of compensatory sweating. If this happens, I will most likely get the surgery.

Until then, I am living the best I can.


4 thoughts on “ETS Surgery, Part 3- Compensatory Sweating

  1. Hi! Oh my goodness I love your blog. I had the same fears going into getting the ETS surgery, and what is funny is that on the day of the surgery, I didn’t cancel… but IT got cancelled. However, I can know look back on it as a blessing. Hyperhidrosis is a struggle, but I’m glad to hear other’s who are coping! I will be posting the story about my cancellation of the surgery soon on my blog if you’d like to read more. Thanks for blogging!

    -Sweaty and Hawt.

    • Hi Sweaty and Hawt-

      Thanks for reading my blog! I’m glad that you can consider your surgery cancellation a blessing. I would love to read your blog and your entry about the surgery.

      Thank you again and I hope all is well!

  2. Dear Caryn,
    haha! You seem to be reading my mind here… I shared the same fear as you. That’s what’s been holding me back from ETS. However, I’ve heard from relatives and friends who’s done the surgery and there was no compensatory sweating for them. Maybe theirs is not as severe as ours. *shrugs*. But it kinda gave me a little confidence to find out more and probably give it a shot.


    • Hi Joanna! Thanks for your comment!
      The compensatory sweating was definitely not worth the risk for me…maybe in a few years if there is less of a chance of it, but for now, I will try other things. I’m going to start the Iontophoresis machine soon! I will be documenting my progress on my blog. I’ve also had success with Glycopyrrolate- but suffered some side effects. Research more on ETS to be sure! I’ve heard such varied results that I am too hesitant at this point.

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