New Coping Tip

Hi All,

You all have heard how nervous I get about shaking people’s hands because of my HH. Going to an interview is especially nerve-wracking. You don’t want to give a bad first impression, and you hope your interviewer looks past your sweaty hands. Unfortunately, sweaty hands can give the impression that you are more nervous than you really are. I wish it weren’t true, but a sweaty handshake could be what is standing between you and that job.

Recently, I have been on the other side of the coin. I have been interviewing 3 or 4 people each week for the past two weeks for an open position in my office.  It’s been a really interesting experience so far. I have never been an interviewer before. I have learned what it really takes for a resume to stand out, and the reality of the interview and application process.

I’m happy to have this responsibility, and I am up for the challenge…

but think of all the hands I’m shaking!

I shouldn’t be the nervous one, yet shaking hands makes me nervous no matter what.

If my hands aren’t wet, they are freezing cold.

I really didn’t want my handshake to leave a bad first impression with the interviewees, so I tried something new:

I washed my hands right before I was about to meet them.

By washing my hands, my hand temperature was regulated and the sweating wasn’t as bad after wiping my hands dry.

I recommend trying this out, and let me know what your results are! This is a great new coping tip for me, and I hope it helps you too!



2 thoughts on “New Coping Tip

  1. Hi Caryn,

    I have been suffering from HH since 15 years from today. It has been such a horrifying experience to isolate yourself from the world due to this disease. HH sets you on the backfoot as it acts as the main hindrance while performing routine tasks(writing papers, shaking hands, holding things etc.).

    And Yeah, I fully agree with your temporary solution of washing hands before doing critical tasks. Although it is a temporary solution, but an effective one too, as it brings the body temperature down to few degrees, thereby helping in reducing sweat for few minutes.

    I have been implementing the same so as to the keep the embarassment to its minimal limits.


    • Hi Nitin! Thanks for your comment!
      I definitely have much more trouble with my palmar HH than my plantar HH. At least with plantar HH, I can wear socks with sneakers and no one has to know. There’s not much we can do about our sweaty hands!
      Glad to hear you’re also using the hand washing tip!

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