Don’t Sweat It…

As a person with Hyperhidrosis, I have constantly been paranoid about where I put my hands, always wondering if people will see the sweat on my palms and fingers. When I’m playing my flute and my hands are probably gleaming  in the light, I start panicking and my performance is hindered.

Yesterday, I was at a meeting for work. I was at a conference table, taking notes with pen and paper. My hands were very sweaty and I was getting all nervous and uncomfortable.

YET, no one noticed at all. No one was looking at me strange, no one was looking at my hands.

Maybe they weren’t being observant or aware.

Think about it- how often do you look at people’s hands? I have HH and I don’t look at hands often, unless I am specifically looking out for people with the condition. I feel people look at hands and take them for granted- they don’t look to see an abnormality.

I really think this is how people with HH have lived in secret for so long.

This is something I need to tell myself now:

“Keep playing your flute- chances are they aren’t even looking at the sweat. They are listening to your music. ”

Don’t get me wrong- I think I will still be paranoid about what I do with my hands…I think it is a feeling that people with HH have all the time- the need to hide and conceal.

But, I just wanted to put my two cents in and let you know that there is a chance that people might not notice.

How many times has someone actually made a comment about your sweating? Not many people have actually commented on my sweating before I told them about my condition. Maybe we need to concentrate on this.

On the other hand, this could also mean that I’m just really good at hiding it! 🙂



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