Coping with Hyperhidrosis

I’ve written at length about my experiences with HH, but I haven’t really discussed my coping mechanisms.

There are many times when coping is impossible, but here are some ways I’ve found that help.

1. Keep a towel in your purse if you can to discretely wipe your hands

2. Wear jeans! Best material I’ve found for sweat.

3. Breathe through it, meditate

4. Keep your hands to yourself- hands on hips or in pockets when talking to people. Or try holding on to something. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I will intentionally hold on to too many things (ie. flute, piccolo, sheet music, instrument stand) so that I won’t have to actually shake anyone’s hand.

5. Keep a fan nearby! I have one at my desk at work and at home.

6. Keep a small, sturdier piece of paper with you- like a postcard or brochure. I love the thickness of this paper. It works best for me to fan my hands with it because it won’t get ruined right away from sweat. Re-usable!

7. Tell your friends. I know it’s scary, but believe me, it helps so much!

8. Learn to laugh about it. Even if your laugh starts out to be sarcastic or insane because you can’t believe that you have to deal with this kind of stuff every day. It is pretty ridiculous, right?

9. Closed toe shoes are the safest…

10. Be proud, persistent, and strong. Don’t let HH control you. You and I struggle through daily life, but we are still here! Be strong in every challenge you face, and happy knowing that you and I will get through it together.  Keep your head up, look people in the eyes, and smile.

Hope this is helping someone,

Caryn Joan


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