As if Uncontrollable Sweating wasn’t enough…

Oh! I’ve never told you about the other symptoms of Hyperhidrosis?

If you’ve never heard of HH, you probably will never guess that these symptoms come along with the excessive sweating.

1. Uncontrollable Facial Blushing (and what I call “blotching”).

I really wish that this symptom was not a part of HH. When I am anxious, I will get red blotchy spots all on my neck and chest and my face will turn beet red. I understand that this blushing is brought on by anxiety, but I know that it is worsened by having HH.

I’m a classical musician and sometimes solo performer. As such, I’ve worn strapless gowns on stage and am center of attention. How embarrassing is it to have huge red spots all over my neck and chest? Especially when I don’t have them normally. My friends always notice it, and that makes me feel very self-conscious. I just tell everyone I get hives. But I know they aren’t hives. But I refuse to wear turtle necks to cover it up. I shouldn’t have to adapt to this condition. Just thinking about adapting makes me angry. Same as I shouldn’t have to move to a cooler climate for HH. If I do, then HH wins! I can’t let HH win over me!

2. Cold Hands and Feet.

Aren’t normal people hot when they sweat? Not people with HH. We could be sweating in the middle of winter.

What’s interesting about HH is how cold it makes hands and feet sometimes, even in the most drastic heat. My hands will get so freezing that it is uncomfortable for me to rest my hands on my own arms. Having freezing hands just adds another level of insecurity for me, especially when shaking hands. It’s a double whammy…like my title says: As if uncontrollable sweating wasn’t enough.

As always, thanks for reading and please share with others,

Caryn Joan

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