You know you have Hyperhidrosis when…

10 random ways you know you have hyperhidrosis. Yes, all of these things have happened to me. Please keep in mind that I live in NYC as many of these are subway stories πŸ™‚

1. You awkwardly hold the highest handrail on the subway train because the odds of someone holding the sweaty mess you left behind is less likely. *see below*

2. In a crowded subway when you can’t hold the highest handrail, you accidentally make a small sweat puddle on the floor, or worse- on someone’s shoulder…

3. On a hot day, when fanning yourself with your hands, you also get a spray of water…from your hands.

4. At shows, you have to adjust the way you clap at the end of a set as to avoid spraying others with water…

5. You have friends ask you why you are limping when you wear sandals…sandals are dangerous and will hurt you. (Yet, I still wear them)

6. You don’t realize until after you’ve bought the pants and are wearing them for the first time that you have a huge sweat stain on your butt. (Oh, the joys of bad fabric for HH!)

7. You hold your hand out the car window for the entire ride somewhere in desperate hope that it will help dry the sweat because you know you’ll be shaking people’s hands.

8. You can never take the daily newspaper from those guys bombarding you by the subways. Newspaper? With HH?? Not if I want to get ink all over me!

9. You usually can’t feel the difference between something wet or dry, since your hands are wet all the time.

10. Your hands start to prune- and you haven’t been swimming or taking a bath!

*Quick anecdote about holding handrails on the subway: This past summer, I starting using towels to help me hold on to the rails and help me avoid making a mess. I really didn’t like causing attention to myself doing this and spoke about my insecurity with family. They assured me that using a towel to hold on to the rails should be accepted these days. “Isn’t everybody afraid of germs now?” they asked. I just find it ironic how my towel trick can be thought of in this way. People might be thinking I’m protecting myself from germs…but in all reality, I’m protecting everyone else from me. πŸ˜‰
Caryn Joan

2 thoughts on “You know you have Hyperhidrosis when…

  1. As I read this, I laughed out loud. Not because it is funny and I should be laughing at you but because I have experienced every single one of them. And just seeing them written down by someone else made me laugh because they really are comical when you look at them from a different perspective.
    And the sandals! Story of my life. I love sandals but the whole limping thing is tiring and if you lived in a third world country that has red soil in most places, you probably would not wear them because you end up with muddy feet (the joys of hyperhidrosis) lol

    • Hey KayCee!

      I totally know what you’re saying. If you looked at this list from a different perspective, they do seem funny. This list just shows how even the smallest things can be difficult for people with HH.
      I definitely agree with your sandals comment- if I was walking on soil all the time, I’d have to wear sneakers!


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