Oh yeah, I’m a flute player

So, I have been noticing that I rarely write anything about my flute playing in here.

Let me tell you a quick story.

I am in a woodwind quintet that performs all over the city.
In March 2012, we auditioned for MUNY (Music Under New York).
MUNY participants are able to reserve the best tip spots to perform in the subways.
Well, we won the audition!

We started playing in the subways this summer.

The evening before our first performance (which was in Union Square), I realized something I should have thought about a long time ago.

The subways are HOT. I have complained about the heat in my posts before, and other readers have commented on their heat as well. I have had some of my worst HH moments in subways!

I started freaking out- What did I do!?! Why did I intentionally do this to myself?!?
I was so upset with myself for not thinking this through.

The next day, we all played, and boy was it hot! But we all survived.

I brought a very absorbent towel with me, and that worked well. I keep that towel in my flute bag now, and use it every time I play. I use my music to fan my hands if necessary, and wipe my hands on my jeans.

My quintet and I have since then performed in Grand Central, Penn Station, Herald Square, and Columbus Circle. Each has been successful, and I am able to play my flute okay.

This past weekend in Columbus Circle, I became paranoid because people were looking over my shoulder (probably at the music) and my hands were dripping sweat. I hope they didn’t notice!

Also, my hands made the pads under my keys all sticky and moist. This gives an annoying sound when you move the keys. I hate feeling like I’m breaking my instrument every time I play 😦

For more info on my flute playing- www.carynfreitag.com

Stay strong out there- anything is possible, with a few alterations.


What Would You Like to Read About?

Hi All,

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Thank you for reading 🙂

The weather is cooling off, so I hope you are all doing well!

Don’t Sweat It…

As a person with Hyperhidrosis, I have constantly been paranoid about where I put my hands, always wondering if people will see the sweat on my palms and fingers. When I’m playing my flute and my hands are probably gleaming  in the light, I start panicking and my performance is hindered.

Yesterday, I was at a meeting for work. I was at a conference table, taking notes with pen and paper. My hands were very sweaty and I was getting all nervous and uncomfortable.

YET, no one noticed at all. No one was looking at me strange, no one was looking at my hands.

Maybe they weren’t being observant or aware.

Think about it- how often do you look at people’s hands? I have HH and I don’t look at hands often, unless I am specifically looking out for people with the condition. I feel people look at hands and take them for granted- they don’t look to see an abnormality.

I really think this is how people with HH have lived in secret for so long.

This is something I need to tell myself now:

“Keep playing your flute- chances are they aren’t even looking at the sweat. They are listening to your music. ”

Don’t get me wrong- I think I will still be paranoid about what I do with my hands…I think it is a feeling that people with HH have all the time- the need to hide and conceal.

But, I just wanted to put my two cents in and let you know that there is a chance that people might not notice.

How many times has someone actually made a comment about your sweating? Not many people have actually commented on my sweating before I told them about my condition. Maybe we need to concentrate on this.

On the other hand, this could also mean that I’m just really good at hiding it! 🙂



Rings and HH

I wear rings every day. Usually, I wear my class ring from college- a classy one that gets a lot of comments from people.

You already know that HH causes my hands to swell to the point where I need to get a ring size larger than normal for my fingers.

What you don’t know is what happens when people want to look at my rings.

Many times, people will grab my hand and start admiring my ring.

With HH, this is highly uncomfortable. I don’t want them to notice my sweaty hands so I immediately take my ring off and hand it over to them to look at.

Anyway, I’m getting older…and one day I will hopefully be engaged and have a ring on my finger. Many women love when their engagement ring is looked at and show it off. Many friends and family don’t even ask to look at the ring, they just grab the Bride-to-Be’s hand to “ooh and ahh”.

This is going to suck for me. I don’t even know how I will handle it. I’m not going to take the ring off for the person to look at. This might be fine for other rings, but not an engagement ring.

Don’t get me wrong…I still want a ring. I’m a pretty traditional person when it comes to weddings. I am just imagining some uncomfortable situations in my future.

It’s sad that I need to think of this. Being engaged should be nothing but happy. It shouldn’t be awkward and uncomfortable.

Anyway, thanks for reading!



Today as I rode the subway, I saw a girl snacking on some chocolate covered candies. My hands were a sweaty mess at this point and I imagined trying to eat what she was eating. My thoughts in order: Impossible, Disgusting, Messy.

How have I never mentioned this before? I can’t eat chocolate anything when my hands are sweaty!

M&M’s? Forget it! I will have a colorful mess left in my hand.

What’s up with their tagline, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand?”

These candies surely have not been tested by people with HH!

Maybe the candied shell is keeping the chocolate from melting, but it is giving me an unwanted multicolored palm.

The HH Super Villain??

A few weeks ago, I found myself watching “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” on Netflix. I had never heard of this previously, but my boyfriend and I saw it on Netflix and gave it a chance. It is a musical-comedy miniseries that began in 2008 and features Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible.

As I’m watching it, I think it’s cute and quirky. But then, something happens and everything changes for me. I become very interested in a particular character. He is Dr. Horrible’s friend and sidekick. His name is Moist and Dr. Horrible calls him his “evil moisture buddy.”

In the miniseries, you see Moist having trouble opening jars, and holding out his hands asking if he can make anything moist for Dr. Horrible. He also seems to have facial sweating. Does this sound familiar? Does Moist have hyperhidrosis?

I became so curious as to how his character was created. I even visited the official website of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and messaged the contact. Haven’t heard anything yet, but I will let you know if I do.

Here’s a song that Moist sings during the commentary of the miniseries. It’s titled, “Nobody Wants to be Moist.” It is sung by the character himself, Simon Helberg, who also plays Howard in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory.  Enjoy!


Never thought of this

I always fear that my future children will have HH because of genetics. I’ve pretty much accepted that they will have it.

I was searching around the internet and found this blog post from 2010: http://www.hyperhidrosisandme.com/2010/11/22/hyperhidrosis-and-heredity-does-my-child-have-it/

It got me thinking. What if my child is mad at me and blames me for giving him or her HH??

In my situation, my mom doesn’t have HH. I don’t really have a particular person to blame. But what if I had? This is scary to think about.

Caryn Joan