Iontophoresis Devices and Insurance Reimbursement

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I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather now that winter is officially over! It was a very long and tough winter here in NY. Now that we are experiencing higher temperatures, our sweatiness is really being put to the test. I’m continuing with my Iontophoresis treatments once per week using the R.A. Fischer device. My hands are slightly clammy at times, but overall they are doing well.

I was recently introduced to another Iontophoresis device that is worth a look. Find info about it here: Hidrex TWI 

This company also offers Insurance Reimbursement Assistance that can be found HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Iontophoresis Devices and Insurance Reimbursement

  1. I have same machine. .using it now 7 days I noticed a reduction in sweating. Hands Only CLAMY THEN stop. Do you put intensity on 10?

    • That’s awesome! I am glad you are noticing positive results!! I usually put the intensity up to about 12. If it’s bothering me too much though, I’ll stay around 10 or so.

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