Topical Treatments for HH

I have had great success with the antiperspirant, CertainDri. It stopped my underarm excessive sweating and I highly recommend this product to anyone.

Although I was always curious if CertainDri would work if I put it on my hands, I never tried it because it said it was only for underarms.

Well, last month when I was struggling with palmar sweating again after my Iontophoresis treatments lost some strength, I was desperate. For two nights in a row, I rolled CertainDri on my palms, put some plastic wrap over my hands, covered my hands with socks, and then slept with them like that all night.

I remember my skin becoming irritated when I used CertainDri on my underarms many years ago, but I was happily surprised to have no discomfort on my hands. However, after just two nights of this treatment, the skin from my hands became extremely dry looking and flaky. I was happy with the results for the most part, but I wouldn’t use CertainDri on my hands continuously because of the flaky look. It took about 2 weeks for my hands to look normal again. Has anyone else tried Certain Dri on their hands/feet or any other part of their body other than underarms?

Here are some other topical treatments I have been suggesting:


3 thoughts on “Topical Treatments for HH

  1. Dermatologist recommended CertainDri which is over the counter and Drysol which was from the pharmacist. Have used both for hands and feet. Both worked. The newest version of Certain Dri contains fragrance which is a problem for me.

    Certain Dri does contain aluminum. That was an ingredient that caused the doctor a concern in my case. The product itself worked well.

  2. I regularly use CertainDri on my hands but mostly on the sides and backs of my fingers as these are the areas most resistant to iontophoresis. The new preparation for CertainDri is quite slimy which I think actually works better than the previous watery version as it’s more sticky and stays on better. I put it on at night and then wear cotton gloves to bed. It doesn’t cause flaking or excessive dryness but sometimes causes a bit of a reaction with a few itchy bumps but they tend to go away and this doesn’t happen all the time. Re. aluminium, there isn’t any solid medical evidence to reliably suggest long term use of aluminium-based antiperspirants is harmful to health either in terms of neurological disorders or cancers. There is no increase in breast cancer risk with use of underarm aluminium based ones for example. But you could get skin irritation so I guess you judge that based on how much it helps your HH. For most of us, a little bit of skin irritation is tolerable if the HH is reduced I guess.

  3. I have tried CertainDri and i honestly disliked it so much. I noticed my skin becoming extremely irritated, I was experiencing itching sensations, and ultimately felt extremely uncomfortable. I’ve been trying to find a better solution that wont provide the unnatural feeling. I’ve been reading a ton about using natural remedies and making changes to my lifestyle in order to combat my hyperhidrosis issue, but i’ve had no luck as of yet. If i keep having issues, I’ll probably go see my doctor again and get this squared away. I just dont want to use Botox or do a surgery where i make a permanent decision that will affect me for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for making this blog, its cool to see others are also suffering from similar situations as me.

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