Exciting News!

Two Sundays ago, my boyfriend and I set out to run a half marathon in Central Park, NYC. We have been running together for over 4 years and we have run one half marathon every year since.

Little did I know, this race was very special.

My boyfriend had secretly gathered all of my closest friends to cheer us on during the race. At the 5th mile, I saw a bunch of signs with our names written on them. Francis pulled me over to them on the side of the course. At first I was really confused but then I caught on to what was happening.

My boyfriend had planned a proposal!

And I said YES!!

He completely surprised me and took my breath away. It was the most perfect and loving proposal.

It was also very special because he involved both of our parents and they traveled to the city to see us that day!

I later found out that Francis had been planning the proposal since May. He didn’t plan having the water station nearby and empty cups on the ground or the newscaster who caught word of the surprise from my friends! These things made it all the more memorable.

After the proposal, we had enough energy and happiness to finish the race. The next five miles felt like we weren’t running at all! We did find it challenging towards the end, but all the aches and pains were worth it!

photo 1



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